Sunday, August 26, 2012


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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happily Ever After

I wrote this short story called Happily Ever After! It's kind of a biography but its completely fictionalized! (so Kaity if you read this then dont be offended kay?) READ IT!(:

Controlling Yourself and Only Yourself.

The hardest thing I’ve had to learn is that you can only control yourself. And that you CAN control yourself. No matter what others do you can’t change them. Ever. It’s just not possible.

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” -Steve Maraboli

“You have no control over what the other guy does. You only have control over what you do.” -A.J. Kitt

Two amazing quotes of what I’m trying to explain. And basically what I’m trying to learn how to do.
I’ve learned that a good attitude plays a pivotal role in learning to control yourself. You can control your mood, as impossible as that sounds! It’s harder then words make it seem though. If you just keep telling yourself, it’s no big deal, I’m okay, I’ve got this. Then your day will be so much better.

That leads me into: letting things happen without stressing your hair off! When something doesn’t go your way then just take a deep breath and tell yourself it doesn’t matter. That things will get better so there’s no reason to stress. Because honestly it takes a lot for your life to be ruined and a boy dumping you or a failed test isn’t one of them.

Just chill out today, okay? Take a breather and tell yourself that you are in control of yourself and it doesn’t matter what other people do. You are you. Have a positive attitude and be happy!

Xoxo Larry!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The 4 Types of Rude People

Today I ran into four types of people while at work. The 'more-more-more's, the 'I know more then you do's, the 'my life is ruined because I don't have water with my cake's and the 'unobservant's. Trust me, today was a bit of a hastle with these people around.

The 'my life is ruined because I don't have water with my cake's were the first people  served today. It was the company I work at's 80th anniversary and we were serving free birthday cake to celebrate. This is where I ran into the really long name of people. While buying the birthday cake, we forgot to buy beverages and just hoped no one would notice. Nope. They noticed. People literally through a fit over not having water or milk or soda with their FREE birthday cake slices! One man even asked me if I expected him to just choke his cake down! Oh you have no idea how bad I wanted to jump over the table and show him what choking something down really felt like! A little aggressive but I was beyond angry at his disrespect and ungratefulness.

But it gets worse. Then I served the 'I know more then you do's. Which really it shouldn't have an 's' on the end because it was only one woman. A woman that, while I'm explaining where the restrooms are to another customer, decided she knew more then me and interrupted with the finishing directions to the bathroom. This woman was not an employee that very well could have known more than me. No. She was a regular customer that just thought she knew more than me. Luckily I was able to control myself enough to tell the original customer, "Yeah, what she said." and walk away. Why would that woman think she knows where the restrooms are better then I do when I have been working there for three years now? WHY?!

Sadly, my day gets worse from there. Soon I ran into the 'more-more-more's. Let me just start of with, this world has become a selfish and greedy place lately. It seems like people only think about themselves. Maybe I only think this because I have many examples I could share from just this week. Maybe the whole world isn't like this. But one example of greedy people would be the 'more-more-more's that felt like two or three pieces of cake just wasn't enough. Don't think I'm crazy or a stickler with the cake pieces. I'm not. When people would ask for a second piece I would serve it to them with a smile. But when they start asking for their sixth or seventh piece, that's when I get a little annoyed. And the sad part was, most of the 'more-more-more's were obviously obese or extremely over weight. It was just an eye opener for me and after the first or second 'more-more-more' I encountered, I didn't eat another piece of cake.

Last but not least, the 'unobservant's. On the table I was serving the cake from was this decorated corner with flowers and vases and stands covered with white table cloths to display the cake. In the middle of the display was an advertisement for decorating classes held at my work. The whole idea of the decorated corner was to promote these classes starting this month. But the 'unobservant's must have missed that part. I ran into at least six 'unobservant's today, at least half being actual employees. Why they thought it was alright to choose to eat the cakes from the display? I have no clue. But they did. Yeah they had forks on them and plates under them but they were the only cakes on display stands! Wouldn't that render to you off limits? It would to me! So yeah I found that my job mostly for the day was to keep the display stocked with cake slices that rude people would steal.

I know not all people are like this but it makes me sad to know some are. I hope anyone who reads this begins to think about what they can do for others to be kind and considerate, whether it be big or small, instead of fall into these four categories. Please don't be a rude person! Being kind really isn't hard! I promise!